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Vertix™ Sorghum Seed Treatments


Outstanding sorghum yields start with tough seedling protection. With Vertix™ Seed Treatments from Alta Seeds, it’s easy for sorghum growers to effectively protect their seed investment and their yield potential from the very beginning.

From seed- and soil-borne disease to early-season insects, Vertix Seed Treatments keep yield-robbing threats at bay with a protective barrier that begins in the bag and extends to the field. And thanks to herbicide safening, Vertix offers additional levels of disease protection and insect protection with selectivity to Group 15 herbicides like MOCCASIN® II PLUS S-metolachlor.

To better help growers protect their sorghum seed investment against unique environmental threats and increase their crop yield, Vertix offers three treatment options proven to increase stand uniformity and plant vigor. And with low dust levels and uniform coverage, growers can expect excellent results. Here’s a look at the three Vertix sorghum seed treatment options.

Vertix CORE Sorghum Seed Treatment
Includes a combination of ipconazole and metalaxyl fungicides to control diseases including seed rots and seedling blight such as Fusarium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani.

Vertix SELECT Sorghum Seed Treatment
Builds on Vertix CORE by adding flurazole as a safener to allow pre-emergent Group 15 herbicides to be safely applied without damaging the seed.

Vertix PREMIER Sorghum Seed Treatment
Includes the ingredients in Vertix SELECT and adds imidacloprid insecticide to combat early-season aphids, chinch bugs, imported fire ants and wireworms.

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