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EMPYR™ Premier Forages Combine the Top Sorghum Forage Traits Into One Convenient Package

AMARILLO, Tex. (Oct. 6, 2020) – Alta Seeds, the premium seed brand of Advanta US and a leading provider of premium genetics and technology specific to sorghum, introduces EMPYR Premier Forages, a complete line of forage sorghum, sudangrass and sorghum-sudan hybrids. EMPYR forages are best in field and feed and combine the industry’s top forage sorghum characteristics into one convenient package, delivering more profit to growers and livestock producers.

Not all forage sorghum are equal in performance. EMPYR Premier Forages are top-of-the-line, carefully selected hybrids that consistently outperform and outproduce in field and feed.

“The one thing we hear over and over from livestock producers is they need high-tonnage forages. But nutrition quality is equally important. With EMPYR Premier Forages, producers get a complete forage sorghum product with the industry’s top characteristics,” says Mark Kirk, Eastern/Western Regional Account Manager, Alta Seeds.

EMPYR Premier Forages offer the latest genetic advancements built on a wide variety of hybrid types that provide solutions for specific grazing and silage needs, including:

  • Aphix Elite Sugarcane Aphid (SCA) Tolerance to protect against one of the most destructive pests to Southern grain and forage sorghum growers.
  • BMR-6 for increased palatability and digestibility, supporting more weight gain and milk production in livestock production. Also yields forage sorghum equal to or greater in feed value than corn silage.
  • Brachytic Dwarf for superior standability and high leaf-to-stalk ratios for high tonnage.
  • Dry Stalk, a reduced moisture level for earlier baling and storage.
  • Photoperiod Sensitivity for a wide harvest window.

Livestock producers, feeders and nutritionists can rely on EMPYR Premier Forages to provide high-volume, consistent forage sorghum through tough weather conditions. EMPYR hybrids feature genetics that offer high yield, excellent standability and strong performance during drought and excess moisture environments. When conditions move from flood to drought in the span of one season, or water restrictions force a change in production, forage sorghum offers a water-efficient, sustainable solution.

“In side-by-side comparisons, our EMPYR forage sorghum silage is equal to or better than corn silage, in many cases with fewer input costs,” Kirk adds. “Livestock producers need all of the economic edge they can get, and EMPYR helps them accomplish their production goals.”

EMPYR offers eight hybrids that fit a variety of environments, from silage production on the West Coast to haylage in the Upper Midwest, sugarcane aphid tolerance in the mid-South to grazing and dry hay production on the East Coast. While sorghum forages are well known to be more drought tolerant than other crops, EMPYR hybrids also offer excellent standability through all kinds of extreme environments. Learn more about available hybrids here.

Alta Seeds, the U.S. brand for Advanta Seeds, continually evaluates the performance of these products against other in their global pipeline to ensure only the best of the best are included in the EMPYR classification. Growers can rely on these world-class hybrids to provide the best value and return per acre.

Experience EMPYR at Virtual Field Day

This innovative product will be revealed to growers during Sorghum Frontiers, a virtual field day experience on Nov. 5, 2020. An in-person tour of the EMPYR forages can be seen in Larned, Kan., and Enid, Okla., by contacting your local Alta Seeds retailer.

For more information about EMPYR Premier Forages and Alta Seeds, click on this link.

This is the second product launch by Alta Seeds in 2020. With a diverse and active R&D pipeline, Alta Seeds is the leader in providing premium genetics with traits and technology specific to the sorghum industry. In June, Alta Seeds unveiled igrowth®, the first commercially available non-GMO herbicide-tolerant grain sorghum.

About Alta Seeds

Alta Seeds is a premium seed brand of Advanta US, an operating unit of global seed company Advanta Seeds and a division of UPL. Alta Seeds provides farmers with high-quality hybrids of grain sorghum and forage sorghum bred from the proprietary genetics of Advanta Seeds. The company with a diverse and active R&D pipeline, Alta Seeds is the most-focused team in providing premium genetics and technology specific to the sorghum industry, such as Aphix sugarcane aphid tolerance and EMPYR premier forages.

About Advanta Seeds

A global seed business with operations on six continents and sales in 40 countries, Advanta Seeds combines proprietary crop genetics and plant breeding capabilities with biotechnology to produce high-quality seed products and solutions for its customers around the world. Advanta is a member of the UPL group of companies.